4 Pillar of Retirement Income Planning

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4 Pillar of Retirement Income Planning

4 pillar of Retirement Income Planning

Four pillars of retirement income planning in develop countries:

  • Social security
    • A social security program that provides retirement benefits as well as survivor and disability benefits.
  • Employment based plan :
    • Retirement plans available to individuals through their public, private, or not-for-profit employers, Defined Contribution plans, such as 401(k) and profit-sharing plans, Defined Benefit pension plans, stock option plans
  • Personal Retirement Assets
    • Pension Plans, Annuities, Bank deposits, Mutual funds, Individually held securities, Life insurance & Others.
  • Retirement Choices :
    • Lifestyle and financial choices that play a significant role in retirement security
      • When you would like to retire? ( Early Retirement, Timely Retirement, Late Retirement, Semi Retirement , Part time job)
      • Where you want to retire? (Place of retirement, metro city, town, village)
      • How your retirement lifestyle should be? (Lavish, moderate or conservative)

In India, only two of the above pillars exist, i.e.

  • Personal retirement assets
  • Retirement choices.

While drawing your retirement plan, one should keep this in mind and also be aware that they are self dependent.

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