There are lots of hurdles during your life span and they affect our financial planning in an unexpected way. Here we try you to identify this hurdles and how you can manage this hurdles so that it wouldn’t be able to hinder your financial goals. It’s a key subject on which we have published a book. It’s a must read.

You wouldn’t buy a car without taking a test drive, however you buy car multiple times in your life span. Similarly you shouldn’t plan retirement without having a proper plan according your retirement dream. Retirement comes only once in your life and there is no other chance to plan it again.

In this workshop we also give importance to women, who want to plan their financial planning.

This a basic workshop which enables youth to understand the importance of financial planning at an younger age.

How about a scenario where you’ve accumulated enough wealth but your family is not able to access after your demise? Shocking!! Isn’t it??? Hence, there is a strong need of estate planning in a systematic and legal way for safe guarding your family’s future.

Explaining about behavior of finance.

Explaining basic of mutual fund and benefit of SIP.

Explaining about asset classes and importantance of asset allocation.