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Carefree Retirement, is a highly esteemed financial service provider, focused on the retirement planning which is the major concern in today’s world. For nearly 16 years, we have been committed to our clients in achieving their strategic and financial objectives. We’ve built our firm on long term relationships and enduring values, establishing a national reputation for vision, integrity and innovation.

We are extremely thankful to all of our customers for their co-operation and support which gave us confidence and encouraged us to look forward for further growth. Carefree Retirement is always exploring possibilities for providing value added products to their customers and help them to increase profitability, after understanding their exact requirements.

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Financial Planning

Financial Planning is one of the most important steps for any individual and we take an wholistic approach to address 10 keys steps

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Financial Planning for Children’s goal

Child education or child related goals are very important goals for any family, emotionally more engaged for these goals and are ready…

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Financial Planning For women

Women also represent two-thirds of family caregivers, whether it’s caring for young children or aging parents. Between their…

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Legacy and Estate Planning

What type of legacy would you like to leave? Legacy planning is about so much more than just money, however the subject of …

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Portfolio & Investments Planning

After understanding your objectives, financial goals and retirement plan, Carefree retirement helps you designs an customized investment …

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Retirement Planning

Every individual have a dream that they want to live in their retirement phase. May it be travelling abroad, start a small venture or may be move…

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Plenty of people fantasize about what life will be like in retirement. But unfortunately, a lot of people don’t give much thought to figuring out how and when to retire.

“People probably spend more time planning their summer vacation than their retirement. Retirement is a big decision that you shouldn’t rush.

Several financial advisors say there are lot of factors you should consider to determine your retirement readiness. So before you decide to retire from the workplace, ask yourself these retirement questions.


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Carefree Retirement has reached a major milestone with all your support and is managing approx RS 1000 Cr FGUM (Financial goal’s Under management), and managing live asset around 200 Cr in advisory of 200 + families.

Chetan Upadhyay

Financial & Retirement Planner

Chetan Upadhyay is a brain-child behind this venture. He is a Certified Financial Planner and possess Masters Degree in Commerce. He is in this field since March 2005 and in these past 16 years, he has witnessed an urgent need of robust financial planning for each and every citizen of India for their own retirement. He fears that in few decades India will be standing at the edge of being considered as an old age country without financial support for their citizen.

Hard Upadhyay is partner of Carefree Retirement. He is currently pursing Bachelors in Business Administrations (MBA PROGRAM).


It is really refreshing to work with a financial adviser who is truly interested in their client’s needs, circumstances and preferences. I heartily appreciate the guidance that Mr. Chetan Upadhyay have provided in helping me to make sound financial decisions, and because of which I am feeling totally financial freedom and able to enjoy my life at its best.

Hemal Desai
Director (Technical)

My experience for financial planning as well services of Mr.Chetan Upadhyay as financial adviser:

First I must appreciate Mr.Chetan for giving excellent service to me as my financial advisor as because of him only I build my strong portfolio and because of this only as of now in my retirement life, I am tension free as far as financial planning concern.

Harish Shah
President, Retire

Mr Chetan has guided me in my financial planning and management is an outstanding manner. I followed every advice given by him and have been immensely benefited by doing so. He is a highly knowledgeable, dependable and caring person, who meticulously manages my portfolio. I feel very satisfied to have worked with him and am happy to continue managing my financial portfolio on his advice. My best wishes to him for a great success in his mission to help and guide thousands of people in their financial planning for carefree retirement.

Shrikant lonikar
President HR

Financial matters are matter of trust. One passes complete information of his financial savings only to the trusted person.

Mr Chetan Upadhyay is person who not only enjoys the turst of people but immensely popular among his clients for his simplicity and yet very  effective financial planner. Though he focusses on carefree retirement but the journey one passes through his knowledge transfers, one feel very  powerful by gaining such explicit and tacit knowledge. Gaining such knowledge otherwise is so difficult for a common man which some times becomes impossible for those who had least interest in financial statistics.

He is a person who raises alerts from time to time besides educating masses on financial health of people and takes their burden to make them financially free at the target date.


One can actually sleep off on these complex issues and still been assured that their money is rightly and appropriately invested. I am happy that my next generation is also his client and they are better aware about their financial matters under his guidance and direction.

His way of educating and brining financial awareness is so effective that person starts seriously thinking on their life matters intelligently. Complex matters becomes so simple that one can start visualising life goals with different perspective.

I am happy to be associated with him and feels proud in advocating that  Chetan bhai is an excellent financial adviser I have ever met and made me feel not only secured but in realising my post retirement goals.

With all affection and regards

Manoj Sharma
Head HR - Renewable Energy & Solar Manufacturing businesses

Every female needs fundamental security; and the best part of a life is to get a right person who advise and financially work on behalf of his client.

This helps to create proper wealth which helps to come out from the most imp burdon of life. And than one can live happily.

Thanks to Chetanbhai who takes care for my finance since five years.

Amita Parekh
Director Samanvay Group

Chetan Upadhayay is one of few financial advisors who sticks to basics when it comes to advising clients about their personal finance.  He selflessly addresses the needs of the clients and his advice is always linked to the goals of his  clients. I have conducted some seminars jointly with him during which I gained a lot with his expertise. Together we did seminars on Retirement planning, Estate planning, women financial planing and India kal aaj aur ka. I appreciate his efforts and wish him all the best fir his future endeavors.

Navendu Shekhar
National Training Head- Reliance Mutual Fund

Questions to Ask Yourself before Deciding to Retire

In order to figure out how much money you need to retire, consider what sort of lifestyle you want in retirement.

Do you plan to live more economically than you live now? Or, do you want to travel, enjoy the arts, take up new hobbies or engage in other activities that will raise your cost of living?

Figuring out the life you want to live in retirement will affect how much you spend in retirement and what sort of income stream you need!

One of the most important decisions you have to make in retirement is where you will live?

So, it’s important to consider whether you can continue to afford to live in your current home or should move into a smaller, more affordable house. Also, figure out whether your home will be suitable for you later in life when you might face more physical challenges. Understand that your housing needs might change throughout retirement as you age.

You can’t know exactly how long you will live, but you need to have an estimate to figure out how many years you’ll need to cover expenses in retirement.

The average life expectancy in India is 69 years (In future it may increase approximately to 78 years).

“You won’t have a problem if you live less, but if you live longer than you expect and run out of assets, that’s a huge problem,”. A financial planner can help create a plan to ensure you won’t run out of money if you live longer than expected.

Most people can expect to spend about 85 cents in retirement for every Rs.1 spent before retirement. However, factors such as your health or the lifestyle you want in retirement can cause that ratio to go up or down. For example, if you’re not in good health, you could end up spending more in retirement.

Nonetheless, this rule of thumb is a good starting point to estimate your expenses if you’re still several years away from retirement and need to boost your retirement savings. But to get a better estimate, consider using an online calculator or meeting with a financial planner.

“There are many paths to a comfortable retirement,” You need to plan adequate sources of income during your retirement years to ensure a carefree retirement. “Even if your investment portfolio is not large enough to support your retirement needs, for example, you may find that you have other assets — a business, or real estate — that can contribute.”

Less than half of investors say they or their spouse have tried to calculate how much money they will need to live comfortably in retirement. You need to start by figuring out how much money you need to cover your estimated monthly expenses, and then look at whether the income sources you’ll have in retirement will be enough to cover those expenses.

Some people continue to work in retirement to keep their minds active and to stay engaged. Others work out of necessity.

The fact is “even one or two extra years of work during your peak earning years may have a significant effect on your quality of life in retirement,”. Working longer can reduce the amount you need to withdraw from retirement funds.

Taxes don’t disappear when you stop working. In fact, your tax bill can take a big bite out of your retirement income.

You need to consult your financial planner to plan your retirement funds in an inflation & tax efficient manner.

Another step you need to take to make sure your savings/investments will last through retirement is to structure your portfolio to outpace inflation. If your investments don’t grow at a fast enough paces, your nest egg might not be big enough to keep up with rising costs.

It almost goes without saying that the more debt you carry into retirement, the more money you’ll need to pay off what you owe, leaving you with less money to cover retirement expenses and do things you enjoy. So when you’re deciding when to retire, figure out how long it will take to pay off your debt. A financial planner can help.

You should pay off any high-interest rate debt that isn’t tax-deductible first, such as credit card debt. If you have good credit, refinance any high-interest debt that’s tax-deductible, such as a mortgage, to get the lowest rate possible. Or, pay off your mortgage before retirement if you can afford to do so to eliminate a major monthly expense in retirement.

Medical expenses will occur for sure in retirement days but Medicare isn’t free. Hence, we need to plan for our medical needs and expenses through proper health care plans and sufficient financial planning.

If you have adult children who are relying on you financially, you need to factor that in your retirement plans.

“Sometimes, people start off with just helping a little, and then the kids come back for ‘just a bit more,’ and that cycle only stops once the retirees are broke.

If you want to leave your children an inheritance, consider this when figuring out which assets you’ll have to fund your retirement and how much you want left to pass on. Any assets you want your children to have should be excluded from your calculations when projecting your retirement income.

You might have to adjust your retirement plans — perhaps work longer or live a more frugal lifestyle in retirement — to have money left over for your kids. Or, you might have to leave less to your children so you can have a comfortable retirement.

Before you retire, you need to ask what you will do every day to fill the time that your job used to take up.

He recommended trying to plot what you would do in the morning, at noon and at night for an entire month. Create a calendar of sorts, and write the activities that you see yourself doing.

“The goal is to fill it up with what you want to do, just like work filled it up with what you had to do,”. “If this seems too daunting, maybe you’re not quite ready to retire.”